About Virginia

Virginia is traditionally considered part of the southern region of the USA and is a South Atlantic State. It was originally named after Queen Elizabeth for first and the relevancy here is that she was also known as the Virgin Queen.

One of the reasons that Virginia has always been quite attractive from a real estate point of view is that it is widely considered to have a milder climate than other regions of the US. A large proportion of the state east of the Blue Ridge, including the south end of the Shenandoah Valley, has a pleasant climate from a temperature point of view but slightly humid. In regions of higher altitude in the Blue Ridge, the climate becomes more humid.

In terms of altitude there is quite a significant variation between sea level and some of the higher points of the mountains, including significant slopes occurring from the coast at the Atlantic Ocean, the end of the Piedmont, and the Blue Ridge and Allegheny chains of the Appalachian Mountains. There is a generally timing influence from the ocean which is driven with the Gulf Stream. This can be contrasted with some small aspects of danger because of the possibility of hurricanes at the entry point of of Chesapeake Bay.

Extreme weather is only occasionally a potential problem in Virginia. As I said in the last section, hurricanes can cause the coastal area of Virginia to be a little dangerous, although it is extremely unusual for a large hurricane to cause any problems along the Virginia coast. By that time hurricanes arrive this far north they usually have become fairly harmless. Sometimes the state is struck by the remnants of other weather systems which do tend to bring quite heavy rain. Thunderstorms can also be an occasional problem.

All in all, Virginia tends to have a quite a pleasant climate. As pointed out above there can be some difficulties in certain regards but the climate here is certainly more moderate in terms of its swings from good to bad than other parts of the United States.

The real estate market in Virginia has been very much in line with the rest of the United States in the last number of years. Unfortunately, a number of years ago there was a housing bubble which inevitably had to burst and Virginia has felt the ramifications of that in the same way of the rest of the country has. This of course, is not all bad news. If you find yourself in that market to buy some real estate,now is a good time. Not alone is there more general affordability in the market but there is also a lot more negotiation room. Only a few short years ago, it wasn’t unusual for a property to go for its asking price plus a percentage on top of that. In the current market, this is rarely the case, most houses now go for less than their asking price and depending on the property that you’re interested in there may be even more negotiation room on top of that.